Work Experience (non-credit)

  • Program Information

Program Information

What is Work Experience (non-credit) - Exploring the World of Work & Exploring Our World?

  • An experience for students studying in the "Community Living" and "ACTIVE" programs who will be entering the community directly from high school
  • Provides the opportunity to explore future work placements, volunteer work placements or community involvement based on individual student interests and learning profile
  • A non-credit experience developed by parents, students and special education staff geared twoard preparing students for life after secondary school as outlined in a student's Transition Plan
  • A placement or experience that is tailored to the individual student and their future plans
  • Placements can be in the community or "in school"
  • Job coaching may occur initially
  • Regular contact and monitoring by a Special Education Teacher
  • 30 to 40 hours of pre-placement orientation involving a basic understanding of health and safety, and work readiness skills
  • Placements usually take place in the later years of a students program, as determined by the Transition Plan

The Work Experience Program Provides Students with:

  • An opportunity to identify potential jobs, volunteer work placements or community involvement bases on interest and student profile
  • An opportunity to develop skills that could be used in the workplace or community after leaving school
  • An opportunity for an experience tailored to the individual student

Transition Resources

Transition planning is a collaborative process between students, parents, school board personnel and the community. The resources on this webpage will provide you with information on transition planning and information on accessing services in Waterloo region.